About Us

Started in 1999 at the end of the so called “internet bubble”, the focus on results as opposed to technology for technology sake was a welcome approach by our customers.

Initially taking “service calls” of all types we learned in short order that in order to provide a personalized level of service we needed more dedication by our customers to us so that we could show our dedication to them and our service agreement was born. It’s not a lengthy “no way out” contract but a determined set of time with the idea that seeing the same person in a flexible schedule has a positive result over rolling the dice with company after company for tech service.

This personal level of service and success allowed us to ride out the down turn in tech and emerge with even more services for our customers benefit.

Born in Florida and raised by a father that served in the United States Air Force, Darren graduated from Klein Forest High School in north Houston & immediately followed his passion by pursuing a job at Radio Shack. There, Darren was introduced to BBS systems and the command prompt (a daily part of his life ever since!), That same year he installed his first office computer system professionally, followed by his first key switch phone system. Rather than immediately accept a position as a computer center manager, Darren followed another passion by attending the University of Texas Film School. There he paid his way through school as an independent photographer using skills honed through years of practice and also founded a graphic design business.

After college Darren again began privately consulting on IT systems and spent five years in a support position at an Austin practice management firm. His entrepreneurial spirit once again took hold in 1999 and he founded officecomputer.com , the same business he operates today. Serving a wide range of Austin businesses, Darren created his company with the idea that technology is personal to each client and the support he provides will be tailored to its owner. By 2007, officecomputer.com had grown to support 40+ businesses and today boasts more than 80 clients that depend on Darren's services.

A love for technology, a passion for helping others and a determination to allow people the freedom to decide how it is they want technology to work for them - these are the fundamental ideas that motivate Darren. In his daily approach to work, he recognizes the great fortune to have a career that is both his hobby and passion. Darren sees Technologists as one part doctor, one part lawyer and one part best friend. Trust, honesty and integrity are all key factors in helping his clients make the right choices and leverage the best from the evolving technology that is modern computing systems.
Born and raised in Alaska, David enjoyed the great outdoors in the summer and huddled up to a Commodore Computer during the long Alaskan winter. David earned computer science college credit while attending Ketchikan High School, graduating in 1991. He then attended the University of Alaska for his freshman year of college. Feeling “cooped up” with all the other “Sourdoughs” in Alaska, he packed his bags and joined the US Air Force with dreams of seeing the world. There David was plunged into a yearlong vigorous electronics training in Aircraft Avionics. Upon graduating tech school - which was a challenging, life-changing experience - he was stationed in Osan, Korea. Other station assignments included; Anchorage, Alaska, Okinawa Japan, Singapore, and Moscow, Russia. During his five years of honorable service, he earned 2 achievement metals. One was for creating a parts inventory program for the Pacific Air Command. Previous to this, everything was done manually on paper. The second metal was for being instrumental in helping the Squadron earn an Outstanding Squadron Award, a rare Air Force Honor.

After being honorably discharged, he moved back home to Ketchikan, where he ran a popular computer hardware/software website called Generation3D. During that time he attended several trade events like the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, following his passion for technology. During this time, David started a computer consulting business with a partner; Northern Dynamics. While the experience was great, business was challenging in a bad local economy and David returned to aviation and went to work for Aero Services. There he gained useful customer service skills and managerial skills which lead to a position at Advanced Communications.

In 2008, David and family moved to his spouse’s home town of Austin, TX. Almost immediately, he went to work for Carroll Systems as their Lead Service Tech. During that time he has done work for many of their commercial clients; IBM, Verizon, AT&T, Century Link, Sprint, HP, BAE Systems, to name a few. David also worked with with many of their Governmental accounts such as the Veterans Administration, IRS, Social Security Administration, DEA, FBI, and Military. After 8 years with Carroll, he returned to his IT “roots” taking a Senior IT technician position with officecomputer.com , LLC.

Technology has always been a passion for David. An avid gamer since 1980, he tunes his PC for optimal performance in his spare time. His best talent is explaining highly technical topics in easy-to-understand, everyday language. His technical experience is very diverse across the technology spectrum and he brings an Alaskan work ethic of perseverance and self-reliance to every task. His core belief resides in a “never say quit" mentality grounded in trust and honesty.
Stratton was born in Galveston, Texas and raised in Austin. He moved to Dripping Springs at the age of 16 and graduated from Dripping Springs High School in 1986. He enjoys traveling, drawing and painting, creating things on the internet, coding, cooking and spending time outdoors with family and friends.

While working at his grandparents Austin restaurant, Maceo's, he met his wife Wendi and soon they both moved to Houston to attend college. During his time at the Art Institute of Houston, he developed an interest in technology and computers and started an internship at a multi-media development company named InterCom, Inc.

He continued working at InterCom for 2 years after graduating, designing and developing multimedia training modules for the oil and gas industry. This time being the dawn of multi-media these were delivered on CD-Roms and video discs. While working on these projects he gained a passion for code and quickly picked up skills from the company's seasoned developers.

After Intercom he went to work for LBMS Software Inc. utilizing his skills as designer and developer creating multimedia training modules as part of the New Media Development Team.

The training projects his team completed added benefit to customers and increased the revenue with each sale for the company while teaching the customers how to install and use the products efficiently. Working closely with product team he was able to further his goal of learning to code and was able to contribute to the products building front end interfaces.

After a 3-year stint at LBMS, he went to work for BMC Software and as the Lead Web Designer. Here he was able to develop the companies first website and contribute to the web-based applications the company produced.

Honing his development skills as a web developer and learning to code in Javascript and Java among other languages were key milestones for him. As well as producing style guides and interfaces for the company's web-based products.

Understanding that he enjoyed the product side of development he moved into a new role in the company on the Usability Team. Here he was able to contribute to the full spectrum of products the company offered by not only creating interfaces and designing interactions but producing prototypes and participating in user testing to validate those designs before engaging with product development teams. And working with them to integrate those designs into the products.

After being married for 10 years, he and Wendi welcomed their baby girl in 2001. To be closer to family and raise their daughter in a small-town atmosphere, they moved back to Dripping Springs.

Stratton continued to work at BMC but wanted more balance between work and family, so he left BMC to pursue a freelancing career. Doing so, he was able to use his collection of skills in technology and visual design working for small companies and startups helping them utilize the emerging technology communication platforms.

Stratton enjoyed working with the many clients he had and after meeting Darren Simon while working with a mutual client they quickly became friends and remained in touch until eventually going to work with Darren as a Director of Cloud Services.

At OfficeComputer.com, he balances his time managing, researching and recommending cloud-based services that are used by more than 200 of Office Computer's clients. He also spends his time performing marketing tasks, keeping up with social media accounts, designing and developing websites and working on new web-based applications and native applications for the company's internal use.