Delivering Inspiration

17 years in business for myself, 22 years in technology, we’re in a growth period now that I hope soon will free me to think about what the next level is all about.

There are 2 projects in the drawing board, one is a rethinking of my early days in tech, a natural outgrowth of what my company does now. The 2nd project is about helping others find themselves. I’m going at it from a totally new angle and there will be more on that as I get a bit more of the bread and butter business going.

I can start now however, we can ALL START that thing we want to do, TODAY! All you need to do is decide to do it. Talk about it, sure, and vision is key, but we all have visions. Doing. Is a whole other matter.

I seek inspiration and I seek to inspire.

Say that with me.

I seek inspiration and I seek to inspire.

We happened upon an intern this summer. In a much unexpected way and that felt more like destiny than anything. I don’t know what will come of helping someone else find their passion but I do know, NOT doing that is the only certain outcome. It leads to nothing. This I hope, leads him to something.

I recieved some help in my first steps to college and those that helped me, asked nothing in return but when I was given the chance  to inspire others, to help others at such a crossroads, to do so without hesitation asking nothing in return.

Inspired so much in my life by very uncommon people, sometimes strangers, I’m happy to have found this ability in myself.

More on the 1s&0s project later…in my head it’s so magical and simply I love the idea that me of all people, could enable self-discovery in anyone willing to try.

I’m around creatives constantly in my work. For a technical person, it’s like this whole other world just out of reach so the times I get to spend with them, is a joy.

One of the most interesting things about creatives is they seem to have this built-in passion for following what they love to do. So many on my side of the brain, get a bit trapped and feel a bit confined in ourselves, our tasks, our way of thinking ~

Those in the middle, even more so. By far the largest group I encounter in my work, the everyday person, often made choices and found themselves where they are rather accidentally and all too often a bit gruff about it. Especially if there is a stall, lack of forward

I can see it in their questions of how, when, where, did I get where I am? It’s curiosity of self-evolution that is akin to a cry for help. A plea for direction. I’d been at a loss for words earlier in life. Somehow as I grew older, I’ve found the right mix of words and experience to offer up some input.

Part of the joy and passion of this business of IT. Is about helping others. Being there in that moment when you fix or help and “BAM” it all starts working, there is so much joy, relief and intensity it’s like a tiny moment of heroics for us and we love that feeling.

I’ve also found a similar feeling just listening to others and inspiring or validating their passions. Telling them YES YOU CAN. Or GO FOR IT!

And yes, there are moments, where I might even be forced to say, “maybe re-think that” LOL;

They DO come to us for truth in most every case so it’s best to keep that up. False or fake anything in our business isn’t welcome and those that peddle that are shown the door pretty fast.

2016 is almost at the midway point. I had to take a moment to say the words…

I seek inspiration and I seek to inspire.

As a key concept, a core value for the next 20+ years of our technology work.

Be yourself. Be honest. Start with yourself. The magic follows.